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Just as the body of Christ is composed of many parts, Dawn of Hope and Royal Family KIDS Camp truly has service opportunities for everyone!!  Fill out our Contact Us form to let us know what your interests are and we will send you the appropriate volunteer application.

If you are interested in volunteering during the week of camp, you will submit an application and will be invited to an interview. We will then hold volunteer interviews. All volunteers joining us for the week of camp must complete a background check and participate in 16 hours of training, which will be held in May and June.

Volunteer opportunities for camp are generally categorized in three categories, Big Campers, Support Staff, One Day Volunteers, and Mentors.
Big Campers (aka Counselors) – Each Big Camper will be paired with no more than two campers, and will share a cabin with at least two additional adults.  Cabin groups function as a pod throughout the week to ensure compliance with the safety rule of no adult ever being alone with a minor.
Support Staff – Support staff are absolutely essential to the success of RFKC.  While support staff have a primary assignment, such as worship team, or activity coordinator, they also serve as Dream Team, helping to ease the campers off to sleep while the Big Campers take a well-deserved break.  Support staff also engage closely with the campers throughout the week, through acts as simple sitting with campers in chapel,  helping a child learn to swim, or joining a cabin group for a meal.
One Day Volunteers – There are also a myriad of ways individuals can contribute to the success of RFKC, without attending camp for the full week.  Some such opportunities take place at the camp location, and do require a full day, while others can be done from the comfort of home an hour or two at time.
Support Staff Roles- week of camp
Drama Team
Worship Team
Arts and Crafts
Field Sports
Mail Coordinator
Snack Lady
Hospitality Coordinator
Dean of Men
Dean of Women
One Day Volunteer- at camp
Tea Party Hostesses
Birthday Party Assistants
Drone Operator
Truck Driver
One Day Volunteer- not at camp
Hospitality Hostess for local training
Welcome Home Dinner Coordinator/assistant
Truck Loaders/Unloaders
Social Media Coordinator
Web Developer
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