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Dawn of Hope is an all volunteer, non-profit, organization.  Therefore, the number of children in foster care who will experience a life-changing week at camp is directly related to the generosity of our donors!

In 2023, we will raise $65,000 so that we are able to take 35-40 kids and 65 adults to camp. With the support of compassionate and generous individuals desiring to impact the lives of children who have experienced abuse and neglect, as well as our volunteers, we are able to meet these financial needs.

We are grateful for donations of any amount, and committed to good stewardship of your investment in the lives of foster children.  

Following are a few examples of how your generosity can help make Royal Family KIDS Camp, Los Angeles a reality:

$32,000  = camp facility costs

$  2,000  = first class charter bus service for 40 foster kids to and from camp

$  1,000  = campership for one camper AND his/her counselor

$     500  = children’s Bibles for all of our campers

$     100  = birthday presents for three campers

$       50  = wood shop project for 10 campers

$       25  = tea and cookies for the tea party

Donate Now

In-kind donations of both goods and professional services are also gratefully accepted.  Please use our “Contact Us” page to let us know how you would like to support our organization with a gift of your skills and resources.

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